Qualification code GP4L 46


This qualification has been developed to ensure that those that wok in any occupation that includes customer service can meet minimum requirements for competency. These requirements have been specified by Instructus. Successful completion of this qualification will allow learners to show they have sufficient knowledge, understanding and skills to demonstrate competency.

Course Structure

To achieve this Qualification, learners must attain in total a minimum of 36 SCQF credits and a maximum of 55 SCQF credits.
Two units must be completed from group A: Mandatory core units
One unit must be selected from group B – Optional units
One unit must be selected from group C- Optional units
One unit must be selected from group D- Optional units
One unit must be selected from unit E- Optional units
One further unit can be selected from any optional groups
A maximum of two optional units can be selected at level 7/8

Learning outcomes Mandatory units

  • Show understanding of customer service
  • Show understanding of the rules that impact on improvements in customer service

Group B units (optional)

  • Deal with customers in writing or electronically
  • Use customer service as a competitive tool
  • Organise the promotion of additional services or products to Customers
  • Build a customer service knowledge base

Group C units (optional)

  • Deliver customer service using service partnerships
  • Organise the delivery of reliable customer service
  • Improve customer relationships
  • Deliver customer service in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way

Group D units (optional)

  • Monitor and solve customer service problems
  • Apply risk assessment to customer service
  • Process customer service complaints

Group E units (optional)

  • Work with others to improve customer service
  • Promote continuous improvement
  • Develop your own and others customer service skills
  • Lead a team to improve customer service
  • Gather analyse and interpret customer feedback
  • Monitor the quality of customer service transactions
  • Implement quality improvements to customer service
  • Plan and organise the development of customer service staff
  • Develop a customer service strategy for a part of an organisation
  • Manage a customer service award programme
  • Apply technology or other resources to improve customer service
  • Review and re- engineer customer service processes
  • Manage customer service performance
  • Analyse and report on the content of customer service feedback posted on social media
  • Develop a customer service network through social media platforms

Qualification Purpose

Prepare for further learning or training and/or develop knowledge and/or skills in a subject area.


Learners that successfully complete all the necessary units will be awarded a full qualification certificate. -SVQ in Customer Service at SCQF level 6.