About Us

Who we are

Smart Awards is an accreditation body whose specialisms include telecommunications and related health and safety awards. We work closely with our delivery partners to ensure that quality training and assessment is available, delivered and assessed through quality assured assessors. This ensures the competence of the workforce and meets the needs of the industry

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver the telecoms industries passport to work on the network via the Operator Network Passport Scheme. This is achieved by recording an individual’s safety critical competence and allowing this to be accessed for checking and verification.

Our technology

Smart Awards uses the very latest technology that securely stores all safety critical competence records electronically. The Cards that we issue to operatives have a unique Quick Response (QR) code printed on them. When the QR code is scanned, it automatically accesses the cardholder’s record which can then be checked and verified. The QR code can be scanned by any device with an internet connection, for example a smartphone.

The scheme

What is the Operative Network Passport Scheme?

The Operator Network Passport Scheme is one of the leading safety systems in use across the telecoms industry. The scheme assesses an operator’s competence to carry out work safely on the network. Operatives are then provided with a Card from which their safety critical competence record may be accessed electronically.

Smart Awards maintains the records for the Operative Network Passport Scheme, setting the scheme standards, verifying training and assessment delivered through its approved delivery partners, and awarding Cards to network operatives with the competencies to work on the network.


The scheme assesses an operator’s competence to carry out work safely on the network. The scheme is designed to:

  • Provide an industry benchmark and establish minimum standards
  • Provide and maintain a properly trained and competent workforce
  • Provide a basis for continuous improvement
  • Reduce overall costs for the client and supplier
  • Ensure all qualifications, training and assessment that are undertaken within the scheme are fit for purpose and meet national and health and safety standards
  • Maintain a network competency register

Scheme Criteria

The standards that define training and assessments are approved by Smart Awards. The scheme is modular in design and the number and nature of course modules available can be chosen from varying awarding organisations.

The scheme comprises a number of safety related training and assessment(s), each of which is subdivided into elements that reflect the competence that an individual is required to demonstrate in accordance with the relevant criteria. Registration to the scheme requires registered operatives to carry a Card from which the status and categories of work for which they are competent to undertake may be accessed.

Apply for a card

How to apply for a card

Operatives that have attended/ passed the relevant training and assessment through Smart Awards approved delivery partners are eligible for a Card to prove competence to the scheme. Applications are made on-line.

Smart Awards will provide operatives with a Card with 10 working days of receipt of a fully completed claim from the approved delivery partner. Where operatives are adding or updating competencies, data will be uploaded to their record within 5 working days.

Approved Delivery Centre

Apply to be an approved delivery partner

Our approval process ensures that delivery partners have met a threshold level of good quality as a provider of training and assessment, offering the necessary reassurances to employers that this brings. All formal applications for approval shall be made on the application form provided. Following approval, delivery partners may deliver the training and assessment and submit claims to Smart Awards for Cards for operatives.

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Instructor/ Assessor quality assurance

To ensure consistently high standards around delivery and assessment, Smart Awards sets minimum criteria that Instructors and Assessors must meet and maintain. These include recognised assessing awards, technical competencies, and health and safety compliance.