Smart Awards Training and Assessment

Advantages for Operatives

A new telecommunications accreditation card scheme tailored for individual network operatives that allows you to work with any of the service providers by:

  • Validating your accreditations - providing proof that working onthe network you have the required training and qualificationsfor the type of work you carry out
  • Providing Operative Cards - – that will record All youraccreditations, including Openreach and none Openreachspecific accreditations in one place
  • Validating cards - with a unique QR Code allowing for quickscanning to confirm a card is genuine
  • Accessing from any Device – that a registered user canvalidate and view details from a computer, smartphone ortablet
  • Providing data 24/7 - to access your data anytime, day or night
  • Providing accurate and trusted information – that belongs toyou on your skills and training that is instantly accessible and extractable


All NOPS card have a unique QR code that links to our secure website. The code provides a link to our website where the card identity and accreditations are validated.

Network Operators can access this information by scanning the QR code using a smartphone or tablet or by entering the unique Card Number from a PC. This allows the user to securely view the card holder’s information using multi factor authentication to ensure that the data is only available to authorised persons.

About NOPS

The Network Operative Passport Scheme (NOPS) was introduced to help Employers comply with safety regulations.

The card verifies an operator’s identity and shows authorised party’s that they hold the necessary accreditations and / or qualifications to work on the service providers network safely.

The Scheme is managed and administered by Smart Awards Ltd who work with industry to agree and set standards, to ensure they are in line with industry and legislative changes.

  • Provides industry compliance benchmark for training and accreditation
  • Establishing minimum standards
  • Provide and maintain a robust record of all trained and competent operatives
  • Workforce data accessible via Smartphone and Tablet devicess


In the future all operatives who work on the Openreach Network Installation Contract will be required to apply for a NOPS card. It will be a mandatory for you to hold a card which stays with you if you move companies.

Apply Now

To register for a card, go to or telephone us on 02476 421125