Version: 1.0 01/04/2017


This training course aims to give trainees basic skills, knowledge and understanding in the safe operation of cable avoidance tools (CAT & Genny). The course is about locating and identifying underground utility services in the utilities environment. It involves the use of cable and other avoidance tools (Cat & Genny) to reduce the risk of damage to existing underground cables and utilities. The target audience is aimed at those working on the telecoms network including suppliers and contractors.

Performance Objectives

  • Determine the work location using company work instructions
  • Carry out site specific risk assessment
  • Carry out pre use checks of locator and equipment
  • Assess the provision of footways, traffic lanes and safety zones
  • Determine the content and sequence of tasks to complete work
  • Identify location of services using appropriate techniques
  • Carry out work in line with company policy and work procedures
  • Prepare resources to locate and identify utility services
  • Inspect and prepare tools and equipment to complete work activity in accordance work instructions and equipment specifications
  • Select and wear required personal protective equipment to complete work activities in accordance with health and safety regulations
  • Locate and identify underground utility services
  • Record position of buried apparatus and services on utility plans and documentation in accordance with work instructions and documentation
  • Ensure all work complies with latest specifications, statutory regulations and company Codes of Practice
  • Follow and maintain safe working and environment practices
  • Establish clear and comprehensive warnings to identify the presence of services
  • Store tools and equipment on completion of work activity
  • Dispose of waste materials and hazardous substances
  • Restore and reinstate work area
  • Report unavailable or defective tools, equipment and resource
  • The safety implications of the site location for pedestrians and vehicular traffic

Learning Outcomes

  • Know health and safety and environmental legislation
  • Be able to carry out location and avoidance of installed underground services
  • Be able to carry out safe operation of cable avoidance tools
  • Be able to read and correctly interpret site plans
  • Know how to undertake pre start checks of equipment