Version: 1.0 01/04/2017


This unit is about determining the requirements for safe access to a work prior to undertaking a telecoms engineering activity. It covers the setting up and use of access equipment, so that the installer can work at heights safely. The target audience is aimed at those working on the telecoms network including suppliers and contractors.

Performance Objectives

  • Work safely at all times, complying with your organisation's procedures
  • Take action to ensure the requirements for safe access to work are implemented and remain in place for the duration of the activity
  • Select and use all the correct tools and access equipment and check that they are in a useable condition
  • Carry out an on-site risk assessment to ensure that a safe system of working is in place in respect of signing, lighting and guarding and to ensure that provision is made to control any types of hazards identified
  • Carry out the checks and tests in an appropriate sequence, within appropriate timescales and using approved methods and procedures
  • Report any instances where the test and/or checks cannot be completed
  • Comply with health and safety requirements, relevant statutory regulations and industry standards/codes of practice at all times
  • Assess the risks of working at height and identify a safe working system
  • Use the appropriate access equipment for the installation
  • Inspect access equipment prior to use to ensure that it is safe to use
  • Confirm the most suitable position for the access equipment and ensure it is sited on suitably prepared load bearing areas
  • Inspect the access equipment to ensure it is stable and safe before and during use
  • Wear suitable and properly maintained personal protective equipment at all time
  • Dismantle access equipment correctly and ensure that it is stored in the appropriate location ready for further us
  • Ensure that services in the work area have been relocated/disconnected before starting any work
  • Set up access equipment following manufacturers instructions and standard operating procedures
  • Ensure that communications are maintained with a colleague during working at height
  • Prepare access equipment at the correct location according to the schedule agreed with the customer and all relevant people

Learning Outcomes