Version: 1.0 01/04/2017


This standard consists of both theory question paper and practical assessments of a vehicle & content health check. The assessment will test the delegate’s knowledge of vehicle safety and health checks, the frequency and type of checks required, as well as checks on the safety equipment held on the vehicle. The target audience is aimed at those working on the telecoms network including suppliers and contractors.

Performance Objectives

  • Use suitable personal and vehicle protective equipment throughout all vehicle safety checks
  • Use suitable sources of technical information to support your vehicle safety check activities
  • Prepare the vehicle and tools and equipment on the vehicle for safe operation
  • Carry out vehicle safety checks and servicing activities in the specified sequence
  • Confirm all systems and components inspected function correctly following the manufacturer's specifications
  • Ensure your comparison of the vehicle against specification accurately identifies any: differences from the vehicle specification; vehicle appearance and condition faults
  • Work in a way which minimises the risk of damage to the vehicle and its systems, other people and their property
  • Report any instances where the checks and servicing activities cannot be fully met or where there are identified defects outside the planned schedule
  • Ensure your records are accurate, complete and passed to the relevant person(s) promptly in the format required (this includes all vehicle related paperwork)
  • Complete all inspection activities within the agreed timescale and to specification
  • Clean the work area and safely dispose of waste materials in accordance with safe working practices and approved procedures

Learning Outcomes

  • Know how to carry out vehicle safety checks in accordance with relevant health and safety legislation and company policies
  • Be able to undertake pre and post operational vehicle safety checks
  • Be able to undertake checks on the safety equipment held on the vehicle
  • Know the reporting procedures where identified defects are present
  • Be able to work in a way which minimises the risk of damage to the vehicle other people and their property