Excavator Banksman

Version: 1.0 06/06/2019


This course aims to give learners the knowledge, understanding and basic skills in directing and guiding the movement of excavators. The course includes elements of planning, safe systems of work, communication and the use of hand signals to complete the task. The target audience is aimed at those working in the civil engineering sector.

Performance Objectives

  • Interpreting drawings to direct and guide the movement and operations of an excavator
  • Adopt safe excavating technologies
  • Responsibilities of excavator operator
  • Responsibilities of excavator banksman
  • Locating and identifying buried services
  • Agree as a team work to be carried out
  • Adopting safe systems of work practices
  • Selecting materials, components, tools and/or ancillary equipment to direct and guide the movement of excavators
  • Confirm the excavator and movement route are prepared and appropriate for the movement
  • Organise the work to minimise risks
  • Prepare for and direct and guide the movement of excavators
  • Identify a safe and suitable space for the manoeuvre
  • Signal the intention to manoeuvre in sufficient time
  • Guide the manoeuvre of the excavator so that it is in a suitable position for the required activities
  • Communicate with others using standard signals
  • Identify different issues with different services
  • be aware of hidden dangers that lie underground

Learning Outcomes

  • Know the relevant legislation, guidance when guiding and directing an excavator
  • Know the responsibilities of an excavator banksman
  • Be able to demonstrate hand signals
  • Be able to direct and guide an excavator safety
  • Be able to promote safe systems of work
  • Understand the communication skills needed for efficient working