MEWP Safety Operation

Version: 1.0 06/06/2019


This course aims to give learners the knowledge, understanding and basic skills in using MEWPS whilst carrying out work. It introduces learners to manoeuvring the machine in open and confined areas, daily pre-use checks, refuelling, hazards and risks involved with operating and working with MEWPs and to comply with health and safety legislation. The target audience is aimed at those working on the telecoms network including suppliers and contractors.

Performance Objectives

  • Use suitable personal protective equipment throughout all MEWP operations
  • Prepare the MEWP for work, undertaking all pre use checks and adjustments in accordance with standard procedures
  • Carry out all work activities in accordance with relevant health and safety legislation
  • Communicate with team members and other associated occupations about the MEWP operation and the work to be carried out
  • Identify and explain the operation of the MEWP instruments and controls
  • Position MEWP and any attachments used in an authorised position
  • Check that any ancillary attachments are in working order
  • Demonstrate safe travelling and manoeuvring activities
  • Be able to operate the MEWP and undertake specified working tasks
  • Identify weights and centres of gravity of loads accurately
  • Deal with any hazards and obstacles encountered during the operation in accordance with standard practice
  • Be able to select, transfer and position loads using a MEWP
  • Comply with the relevant, current legislation, official guidance and organisational procedures to maintain safe work practices
  • Shutdown and secure the machine, using correct procedures
  • Undertake post operational checks for a MEWP

Learning Outcomes

  • Know the health hazards associated with MEWP operations
  • Know the operators’ responsibilities under health and safety legislation
  • Be able to carry out MEWP pre and post operational checks
  • Be able to operate, move or manoeuvre the MEWP safety
  • Be able to prepare a MEWP for transport