Manual Handling

Version: 1.0 06/06/2019


This course is suitable for those wishing to develop knowledge and understanding in the safe use of moving and lifting in a construction or utilities environment. It is suitable for learners who already work in the construction or utilities industries or learners who want to work in construction or the utilities.

Performance Objectives

  • Be aware of parts of your body that are at risk of injury due to poor handling techniques and understand common injuries and how they occur
  • Recognise the risks of manual handling and how to help reduce them in your workplace
  • Take suitable safety measures before lifting to protect yourself and other people
  • Use approved lifting and handling techniques
  • Check that any equipment you need to use is fit for use
  • Use lifting and handling equipment in line with company guidelines and manufacturers’ instructions
  • Make sure that you understand your responsibilities when you ask others to help in lifting and handling operations
  • Know the principles of safe lifting to minimise risk of injury

Learning Outcomes

  • Know the reasons for safe moving and lifting in the workplace
  • Know how to manage the possible risks involved in safe moving and lifting
  • Know how to carry out safe moving and lifting techniques
  • Know how to select and use appropriate mechanical moving and lifting aids
  • Know company guidelines and manufacturers’ instructions for using lifting and handling equipment
  • Know how using unsafe techniques for moving and lifting can affect you and other